Installation manual(安装手册)

  • 60“-61”Installation manual(安装手册)
60“-61”Installation manual(安装手册)

60“-61”Installation manual(安装手册)

The contact surface of glue is rough


Servo installation(安装伺服舵机)

According to the picture, the chip can be taken out by tapping


Install the elevator and rudder(安装升降舵与方向舵)

Keep parallel to the wing tube before adding glue


Mounting landing gear(安装起落架)

Install the motor and ESC (安装马达与电调)

Installation of cooling system (安装电调散热导风口)

Installation Cowl and props

Install rocker push rod(安装摇臂推杆)

Battery fixing scheme and position(电池固定方案与位置)

Install SFG according to personal flying habits(根据个人飞行的习惯来安装辅助侧翼)

CG is in the center of the pipe(重心在管子正中心)

This position of center of gravity is for reference only, please choose the appropriate position according to your flying habits





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